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Four stats that help tell the story of the Kansas City Chiefs beating the Patriots

Pro Football Focus released some good stats on the Kansas City Chiefs win over the New England Patriots. Let’s take a look at a few of them.

Alex Smith against the blitz

Alex Smith had a 124 rating against the blitz which is outstanding. The Patriots blitzed him 10 times and Alex went 8/10 for 179 yards and three touchdowns against that. The Patriots don’t have a killer pass rush this year but this is a very good sign going forward. We all think the o-line has taken a big step forward.

Justin Houston’s pass rush productivity

He didn’t really get going until the second half but a couple of those sacks were terrific. Shortly after NBC’s Cris Collinsworth highlighted the work of RT Marcus Cannon, they highlighted Houston blowing past him and drilling Brady.

Quarterback rating throwing at Tyreek Hill

As it turns out, catching 70-plus yard passes for touchdowns is good for this stat. Alex Smith was very successful when throwing at Tyreek Hill, who had seven catches for 133 yards in the game. That’s a perfect QB rating, by the way.

Adjusted completion percentage

Alex Smith’s completion percentage when you take into account drops and throwaways and things like that. He was perfect on all of his short passes.

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