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Arrowheadlines: Kansas City Chiefs are still the best team in football

Tim Hasselbeck on K&C says Chiefs are Patriots' biggest threat in AFC | WEEI

“I think at one point last year you guys asked me, ‘Who’s the biggest threat to the Patriots?’ And I think a lot of people last year were banging the drum for the Raiders. But to me, I always felt like it was the Chiefs, because I think they’re such an unique offense to defend, because they do things that other teams in the NFL just don’t do,” he explained. “There are times you feel like you’re defending a West Virginia offense with some of the concepts that they run.”

Bob Lutz: Chiefs' QB Alex Smith shows the future can wait | KFH Radio

Smith showed he's not ready to carry a clip board and watch Kansas City's future with Mahomes begin any sooner than is natural.

The Smith intangibles -- experience, calm, intelligence -- have always been in play here and have forever been undervalued. Smith, 33, has an offense with some power now and if Thursday is any indication, his battery is charged.

Smith outplayed the greatest quarterback in NFL history Thursday and doused some of the desire from Chiefs fans to see what Mahomes can do.

On losing and the unpredictable nature of the NFL | Buffalo Rumblings

Going into the opening night’s game, I think you’d be hard-pressed to find many people who would predict a Kansas City victory. If someone predicted that the Chiefs would drop 42 points on the defending champs while limiting Tom Brady to a 44% completion rate and no touchdowns, you’d have thought them to be crazy. If that same person predicted that Alex Smith, the same Alex Smith that Patrick Mahomes was drafted to replace, would throw for 368 and 4 touchdowns while completing 80% of his passes, you’d have recommended that person be committed.

Thursday Bright Football (Week 1): Kansas City’s Shovel Option and Overreacting to Brady | Setting The Edge

On Thursday Night Football, Reid brought the speed option back to life. More importantly, he ran an run play with a shovel pass option off of it five times. Three times, it was out of the same formation (two tight end and three backs.) As far as I could tell, the team didn’t run another play out of the formation all night. The results of the shovel option plays? +8, +7, +7, +8 and +4. 34 yards on five plays isn’t a horrible number to give up on defense, but you shouldn’t be consistently giving up that many yards on a down-to-down basis on the same concept either, out of the same formation nonetheless.

Travis Kelce is firmly behind Alex Smith (as is everyone else, for now) | ProFootballTalk

“Love him, man,” Kelce told Mike Tirico regarding Smith. “Ultimate competitor. The guy has yet to shy away from any competition that I’ve ever seen him in. . . . Two years ago we went up in New England with everyone banged up. Our offensive line wasn’t even together. And he went in there with full confidence in his ability, trying to lead our team into a victory in a tough situation.”

Patriots-Chiefs Film Review: What Went Wrong In Shocking Week 1 Loss |

Big plays killed the Patriots more than the Chiefs’ rushing attack and just as much as injuries. The Patriots came out of the gate in a pseudo-dime defensive alignment with safety Jordan Richards playing linebacker, daring the Chiefs to run. And run they did. Rookie running back Kareem Hunt carried the ball 17 times for 148 yards with a touchdown. The Chiefs overall averaged 6.9 yards per carry on 27 attempts.

Kansas City Chiefs sign familiar face at safety in Steven Terrell | Arrowhead Pride

The Chiefs are strong at safety so while Berry is incredibly important I think they can do a decent job of filling in for him. It sounds like Eric Murray will figure into that rotation more. The Chiefs like the way they use Daniel Sorensen and Ron Parker.

Diagnosing the Patriots struggles stopping the run | Pats Pulpit

The Chiefs had an excellent game plan prepared, and found incredible success taking what the Patriots were willing to give. The Chiefs rarely ran from a negative box (when there are more defenders in the box than blockers), and when they did, they found creative ways to remove defenders from the play without sacrificing blockers to gain back the numbers advantage.

Mahomes can wait: Why the Chiefs convinced me not to punt on 2017 | Chiefs Wire

And, most importantly, I want to see if Smith can string together more outings like this while taking bigger chances with his passing. The Philadelphia game in Week 2 will be just as big of a statement-maker on the season as it would’ve been had the Chiefs started 0-1.

If the Chiefs are sitting at 2-6 come November I might be singing a different tune, but for now I’m in. I’ll bite. Mahomes can wait. The 2018 Chiefs can wait.

Report: Jason Peters says he tweaked groin, will play vs. Chiefs | 247 Sports

Peters revealed after the Eagles' 30-17 win over the Washington Redskins that he tweaked his groin in the second quarter. The Eagles left tackle said he'll play against the Kansas City Chiefs next Sunday.

Sunday NFL Thoughts: Alex Smith perfect throwing short, Tom Brady struggled throwing deep, who replaced Julian Edelman | Pats Pulpit

If you can’t see that tweet, Alex Smith was a perfect 21 of 21 on passes shorter than 10 yards down the field. The best way for opposing teams to beat the Patriots is to lead extended drives and to no make any needless mistakes.

Smith took the passes the Patriots left open and lived to play another down. Not every quarterback is as patient as Smith, but teams like the Texans- with an even better defense than the Chiefs- could be able to replicate the Kansas City game plan.

Chiefs tough on fourth downs in win over Patriots | The Kansas City Star

The statistics say the Chiefs defense had a good game against the Patriots. They held Tom Brady to 16 of 36 passing and had the Patriots’ passing game out of sync. Berry did a superb job covering tight end Rob Gronkowski, in what will be Berry’s only action this season after suffering a ruptured Achilles tendon in the fourth quarter.

Chiefs sharing Arrowhead with U2 before home opener against Philadelphia | Chiefs Digest

Kansas City Chiefs president Mark Donovan probably feels he climbed the highest mountains and run through the fields in bringing U2 to Arrowhead Stadium for Tuesday’s stop on The Joshua Tree Tour 2017.

“I started working on U2 when I was in Philadelphia,” said Donovan, who joined the Kansas City front office in 2009 after six seasons with the Eagles. “When you work that long on a project like that and you see the fruition right here – like there’s a U.S. tour, it’s a stadium tour, we got it.”

Week 1 Snap Judgments | New England Patriots

The Raiders, who matched the Chiefs’ 12-4 record last season but couldn’t beat Kansas City, settling for a wild-card berth, sent notice that they’re not in the mood to settle in 2017. Oakland kept pace with the fast-starting Chiefs, going to Nashville on Sunday to knock off a Tennessee Titans team that’s favored to win the AFC South and return to the playoffs for the first time since 2008. And the Raiders did fairly it fairly comfortably, winning 26-16 with a balanced and crisp display on both sides of the ball.

Kareem Hunt's debut is the best among recent Chiefs running backs | ESPN

Hunt also had by far the best debut among the recent line of great Chiefs backs that includes Holmes, Larry Johnson and Jamaal Charles. Here's how Hunt’s game matches up statistically to their Chiefs debuts and careers.

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