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The Kansas City Chiefs continue to beat top 10 offenses

When you put a great offense up against the Chiefs defense, the Chiefs are often going to win. Their defense is so good against even the best offenses in the league and it is championship-worthy.

Geoff Schwartz’s pregame piece on Chiefs-Patriots reminded me that the Chiefs were 7-1 last season against top 10 offenses. That included the Falcons (1st), Saints (2nd), Raiders (7th), Colts (8th), Chargers (9th) and Steelers (10th) last season.

We can update the stat for this year. It’s 1-0. The last time the Patriots ended the season outside of the top 10 in scoring was 2003 so we can pretty safely assume they will end this season in the top 10. Tom Brady is old but he’s not that old.

Which teams on the Chiefs schedule this year could finish in the top 10 in scoring? The Chargers and Redskins were right around the top 10 last year (the Redskins were 12th). The Steelers and Raiders should be there. The Cowboys were 5th last year so good shot they’re close again.

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