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ESPN’s Louis Riddick with a very encouraging report on Patrick Mahomes: ‘The hype is real’

WHEW! ESPN’s Louis Riddick, who either was or wasn’t up for the Chiefs GM job, had some pretty interesting things to say about new KC Chiefs QB Patrick Mahomes. Riddick, who has ties to Andy Reid, said that the Chiefs coaching staff loves what they’ve seen out of Mahomes so far. Riddick indicated that the Chiefs biggest issue now is making sure they don’t rush him.

“The kid has people’s heads spinning as far as the throws he is making,” Riddick said on ESPN. “I’m just telling you, there are people down in Kansas City who are like literally grabbing themselves around the shoulders going, ‘Let’s slow down here’. There are throws he’s making in 11-on-11 and 7-on-7 situations that, literally, they just stop the film and they go, ‘Did he just do that?’ The same kind of things you saw at Texas Tech but people were going, ‘Hey, he won’t be able to do that in the NFL. You can’t get away with that in the NFL.’

“Well, so far, even though it’s practice and it’s not against a live rush and an opponent that’s game planning for you, people are going, ‘OK, guys, let’s just make sure that we stay calm here.’ Because the tendency then is to rush him into a situation that he’s not really ready for.

“Trust me, the hype is real with this guy. They just have to keep it under control and stay on plan. When they unveil him, look out.”

I LOVE reading this. I’ll readily admit, he hasn’t played a game and it’s just practice and all that. OK, I got it. Still, the Chiefs appear to have a potential franchise QB on their hands so I’m going to soak up all these great things folks are saying about the Chiefs and their quarterback situation. I hope he’s right.

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