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The Nigerian Nightmare looks like he’s behind CJ Spiller

Earlier this week, I told you CJ Spiller could be a thing. And I think the “Nigerian Nightmare,” Christian Okoye, may agree. I’ll get to that.

At the age of 30, Spiller looks like he regained some of that burst we saw from him as a Buffalo Bill back in 2012-2013. He is catching balls out of the backfield and more than that, he is getting second-team reps with Tyler Bray.

On Tuesday, I tweeted out this video:

…and would you look at who favorited the tweet!

That is the “Nigerian Nightmare”, ladies and gentlemen. The former Chiefs running back is a lookin’ and he’s a-likin’.

In all seriousness, Spiller is someone to watch Friday night in what is becoming one of the most interesting Chiefs position groups to watch. Also:

If you are even more interested in the running back situation, we took a deep dive in Episode 2 of the Arrowhead Pride podcast, which you can access here. NFL Network senior fantasy analyst Michael Fabiano drops some knowledge, as well as someone who knew Kareem Hunt personally in college at Toledo.

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