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This pump fake from Patrick Mahomes is quite fun

I’m kinda falling in love with Patrick Mahomes’s pump fake. I’ve seen it before in some of the KC Chiefs training camp videos that our own Pete Sweeney has been sharing. Pete put together a cutup of some of the deep balls from Mahomes this week which you can watch below (or click here).

Quarterback Patrick Mahomes throws deep Tuesday morning

Patrick Mahomes' ARM STRENGTH is NO JOKE.

Posted by Arrowhead Pride: For Kansas City Chiefs Fans on Tuesday, August 8, 2017

The first one is the pump fake. Watch how the defender bites. You don’t see a ton of pump fakes in the NFL because you usually have just a couple of seconds in the pocket to get rid of the ball.

The second one, I can’t quite see exactly where he’s throwing from but it looks like he releases at the 35-yard line and the receiver catches it at the 20-yard line. So, 45 yards in the air and sticks it?

The third and final throw is probably the best one. He lands that sucker in the perfect spot.

The next step? Make these throws on Friday against a defense that’s in your face. I like what I see so far but live action is a different ball game.

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