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Cris Collinsworth thinks Alex Smith enters Patriots game with a chip on his shoulder

Former NFL WR and current NBC analyst Cris Collinsworth joined a podcast on the Patriots website recently and told the story of how the Bengals drafted a couple of first round receivers when he was there. He said he felt the pressure from those draft picks and went out and put up his best season. He used that as a springboard to say this about Alex Smith:

“I have a feeling that Alex Smith is going to have a chip on his shoulder,” Collinsworth said on the Cover Two podcast. “He hasn’t been the worst QB in the world. He has some between Kelce, Tyreek Hill, there are some weapons on that team. That team won 12 games. They won a really tough division last year and came up in the clutch.”

Alex sounds like a guy who is comfortable in his skin

You know who is reminding his team about how good the Chiefs and Alex Smith are? Bill Belichick. You know he’s in there right comparing Alex to Marino and the Chiefs defense to the ‘85 Bears. That’s what he does, especially in a season like this when people are legitimately predicting the Patriots to to 16-0.

“I think Belichick is probably sitting there right now saying if all you guys keep talking about undefeated season and the Kansas City Chiefs come in and do what they’re capable of doing, which is knocking us off on opening night, we’re all going to be feeling pretty stupid. He’ll have a way of keeping that knife pretty sharp going into the season.”

Collinsworth, who is calling the game, called the Chiefs a “legitimate threat” for the Patriots.

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