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Going deep on the Patrick Mahomes question for the Chiefs

In Episode 6 of the "Chief in the North" podcast, it's time to finally dedicate an entire episode to discussing the Patrick Mahomes issue: Could (not will) Patrock Mahomes start in 2017? I examine the common arguments made against Mahomes starting early to see if they have merit based on what we currently know about Mahomes, then discuss what Mahomes starting may look like and the effect it could potentially have on the 2017 Chiefs and Mahomes himself.

3:55: We discuss the fact that the NFL has changed, and rookie quarterbacks come in and play solidly quite frequently in modern NFL offenses. This shifts the burden, in that someone needs to show me why Mahomes is an exception to the modern rule that talented young QB's can come in and play well right away.

7:55: Taking on some of the reasons people give as to why Mahomes can't start immediately (or why he's an exception to the new rule with QB's), including QB winz, risky decisions, footwork, and learning an NFL offense and NFL defenses.

18:04: Talking about Mahomes's ability to protect himself as a mobile quarterback.

18:55: What would change about the Chiefs' offense if Mahomes played in 2017. What would he take off the table, and what would he bring to the table?

28:15: How will Mahomes avoid mistakes at the NFL level? Will his playmaking compensate for a likely increase in INTs?

35:52: Would starting Mahomes early stunt his development?

39:30: Addressing some quick hitters: Would Reid throw Mahomes in if the Chiefs start slow? What current NFL quarterback would I compare Mahomes to? And what quarterbacks in the NFL would I trade Mahomes for (this one is going to get me in trouble)?

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