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Travis Kelce had swelling on his knee, missed Chiefs practice

Travis Kelce missed Friday’s Kansas City Chiefs training camp practice because of swelling in his knee, according to Chiefs coach Andy Reid, who says he thinks Kelce will be fine.

We can only hope this is an overly cautious move. I feel like we had a story line like this with Tamba Hali in the past few years where the swelling kept on coming back so I’m hoping it doesn’t turn into that. This is just training camp so it very easily could just be the Chiefs being super cautious.

That the Chiefs said it flares up now and again because me feel better ... or worse? I’m not really sure how to take that. I just hope Kelce is good for the season. If the Chiefs need to sit him more this camp then do it. Week 1, Kelce has gotta be there though.

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