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Patrick Mahomes is playing backyard ball with this deep ball to Demarcus Robinson

Didn’t we just highlight a Chiefs QB Patrick Mahomes deep ball to Demarcus Robinson?

Yes, we did. Here’s another:

This is backyard ball from Mahomes. The play breaks down - there’s no way he stays up this long in a real game, right? - and he has plenty of time to roll out to the right. No one has ever said he is a fast player but he has enough movement to make a difference.

He rolls out and sees Robinson, who he threw a 53-yard pass to earlier, and just flings it up there. Robinson makes a great play on the ball and hauls it in for a 46-yard catch.

It’s not shown on this replay but the BEST part of the play was Marcus Peters on the sideline going crazy near Robinson after the catch. He was so hyped up. I love seeing stars like Peters rooting for their teammates.

Wait, wait ... the BEST part is this angle of the throw where you can see he was drilled as he threw it.

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