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Your weekly Patrick Mahomes bomb video is right here

Here’s your weekly look at the deep ball from KC Chiefs rookie QB Patrick Mahomes, who hit a 53-yard pass to Demarcus Robinson on Thursday night:

Whew, I love seeing that big arm. They showed the replay and Robinson didn’t even really make a move. He just ran straight. Mahomes went off the play action and because he had a man one on one he just threw it deep.

I love that you see one on one down the field and you just throw it. With pass interference and other rules that limit defenders I think the Chiefs should try deep balls just because of that reason (never mind, ya know, completing them).

While we’re here, Demarcus Robinson ... he’s going to make the team, right? I think he is. We went through a time this offseason when we thought he would be the No. 3 receiver and then he kinda disappeared in training camp. He didn’t disappear in this game with that 53-yard bomb.

Two plays after this, Mahomes ignored his arm and ran it to the 7-yard line. He’s showing his versatility.

It's Game Time.

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