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Chiefs over / under: Alex Smith TDs and Patrick Mahomes starts

Last week’s Arrowhead Pride podcast is in video form. Pete Sweeney cut out this clip of us answering an over / under question (that’s Pete, me and former Chiefs LB Shawn Barber):

The question is over / under 21.5 Alex Smith TDs this year and over / under 0.5 Patrick Mahomes starts. So, do you think Alex Smith will have more than 21 TDs? And do you think Mahomes makes at least one start?

Here’s what we said...

Joel Thorman

Alex Smith TDs: Over

Patrick Mahomes starts: Over

“I think he’s gonna have probably his best year with the young guy behind him.”

Shawn Barber

Alex Smith TDs: Over

Patrick Mahomes starts: Under

“I think he’s going to find every way possible to stay healthy. Every way.”

Pete Sweeney

Alex Smith TDs: Over

Patrick Mahomes starts: Over

“If you know Alex Smith, he’ll probably ball out.”

Listen to the podcast here.

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