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The Kansas City Chiefs look sharp on Madden 18

If you have yet to see the Kansas City Chiefs on Madden 18, which was released this week, here ya go:

Here is the primetime entrance for the Chiefs in the game this year:

The game looks better and better each year (cue the complaints that it doesn’t improve enough each year). My favorite part in the old game was playing with Jamaal Charles because he was so fast and elusive. In this new version of the game - without Jamaal - I imagine my favorite player will be Tyreek Hill or, ya know, that quarterback, Patrick Mahomes.

I would have Tyreek Hill return kicks which was fun because he was so much faster than everyone. Even then, last year’s game probably didn’t emphasize his speed enough.

It will be tough to beat playing with Mahomes in this new game. If all goes well, I’ll be playing Madden with Mahomes for years to come.

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