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Arrowheadlines: Jamaal Charles’ shot is coming up

Unconventional receiving practice helps Chiefs TE Demetrius Harris | ESPN

"There are different levels," Harris said. “Level 8 is the hardest. Level 8 is a slow blink, really hard to see. I’m going up every week. I’m on Level 6. I really have to track the ball at Level 6.

“It takes real focus. That helps me dial in. You really have to when you use those glasses."

Chiefs’ d-line will get boost Friday vs. Seattle | The Kansas City Star

On Wednesday, coach Andy Reid announced that defensive end Chris Jones and nose tackle Roy Miller III will each play for the first time this preseason.

Slow start by pass rush not a concern for Kansas City Chiefs yet | ESPN

Houston and Ford haven’t played much thus far. They were in for four snaps each in the preseason opener against the 49ers and left before halftime against the Bengals last week.

What to watch from KC Chiefs offense at Seattle, other notes | The Kansas City Star

One of the redeeming factors of the second and third preseason games is that teams try, at least a little bit, to win. Even a mock game plan, like the one the Chiefs are expected to use Friday, is a reflection of a team’s basic concepts and fundamental building blocks on both sides of the ball.

Seattle, for instance, is going to play a lot of Cover 3 defensively, which is their bread-and-butter coverage. Knowing this, the Chiefs can dial up some basic Cover 3 beaters, and the staff can make evaluations on the players based on how well they execute against simple concepts.

Chiefs LB Kevin Pierre-Louis to face former team, Seattle | The Kansas City Star

The trade was unusual on a few fronts. The Chiefs and Seahawks swapped straight up, player for player who man similar positions and have like skill sets, D.J. Alexander for Pierre-Louis. No other assets were involved. Also odd was the timing, and not just because it was the eve of training camp.

“I got the call at 7 a.m., I literally woke up to the call,” Pierre-Louis said. “The next day the Seahawks (veterans) were reporting. So that was the shocking part. I got the call at 7 and was on a flight at 12:40.”

Chiefs’ Will Shields says his Hall of Fame ring has been stolen | FOX 4 Kansas City WDAF-TV

“It’s frustrating, but my family is safe and that’s what’s most important. The work behind the ring is what stands and is important,” Shields said in a statement.

“This is going to be Jamaal’s shot”: Decision day approaching for Charles | BSN Denver

“This is going to be Jamaal’s shot to go do his thing. He knows it. He’s ready,” Vance Joseph said.

Photo Gallery: Chiefs New Camera System |

A look at the Chiefs new camera system they are using for filming practices.

Chiefs banking on Justin Houston to live up to contract | AP

“After going through what I went through last season and now having the opportunity to play again, it’s a blessing,” he said. “I’m excited to get to play again. I’m playing at 100 percent now. Last season I was maybe 75. I just didn’t have the endurance that I regained this offseason.”

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