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Neil Smith to the rescue

The Kansas City area saw lots of rain over the past couple of days and several areas of town were underwater, including one such spot in Blue Springs. Former Chiefs great Neil Smith was in the right spot at the right time when, according to Fox 4 in KC, he saw someone trying to cross a flooded road.

"When I came out there this lady, she was driving and I couldn`t believe she was in there and she just got to the point where the car stalled," Smith said.

That`s when a familiar face in a 6`4" frame came to her rescue.

"She was in there, I didn`t know if she had kids, because she was about nine-months pregnant and she was very short, so I had to walk her out of there," Smith recalled.

Flooding would freak me out. Nature is a powerful thing. I can’t imagine the response if it was Neil Smith who came to my rescue. It’s been a while since he has played so I wonder if the woman recognized him at all.

Check out the Fox 4 story which has video of Smith’s reaction.

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