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Andy Reid says Jeremy Maclin was a great teacher for the Chiefs WRs

Sometimes you can tell what Andy Reid is thinking by what he says. Crazy, right? What I mean is that Reid will drop little hints that tells you how he really feels about something because, publicly, he’s pretty even-keeled. He doesn’t give up too much.

This came up on Tuesday with this quote from Reid when asked about the Chiefs receivers.

“They’ve done a good job,” Reid said. “It looks like they’re on the same page with the quarterbacks. That’s how I evaluated it today. They’re working hard. Jeremy (Maclin) was a great teacher for them. Understand how you practice, how you play and prepare for both practice and games. These guys were lucky to be around him and have that opportunity to learn from him.”

The Maclin mention. That’s Reid’s way of giving him some acknowledgement. I’ve been waiting for something like that because the way the Maclin thing went down was a little weird. I think Reid likes Maclin and values that relationship with him even after all this.

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