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Watch every Patrick Mahomes pass and rush from the Chiefs 2nd preseason game

As the headline says, this is every pass and rush from Patrick Mahomes in the Kansas City Chiefs Week 2 preseason win over the Cincinnati Bengals.

You’ll want to watch the whole thing because it’s not that long but two plays really stand out to me.

37 second mark: Mahomes scrambles to his left for what appears to be a 16-yard touchdown but the refs called it back. That really showed that Mahomes can move a little bit. I wouldn’t say he’s fast but he’s no liability with his athleticism.

2 minute mark: Mahomes rolls out to his right with pressure coming after him and fires a dart to Gavin Escobar. Oh boy, what a throw! I remember Chiefs assistant coach Brad Childress saying recently that one of Mahomes’s strengths is that he can throw from any platform. If he’s leaning right or left or falling back or whatever, he has the arm strength to throw it from anywhere. This was a great example of that because he was almost leaning back when he threw it.

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