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Today’s Patrick Mahomes highlight isn’t about his arm, it’s his legs

Mobility outside of the pocket is not supposed to be one of Patrick Mahomes’s strengths. Mobility inside the pocket, having some pocket awareness and being able to feel the rush is something we think he can do. But getting outside the pocket and running for first downs like Alex Smith? He can do it but it’s not really his game.

I say that because of this:

Mahomes dropped back to pass, felt some pressure and stepped up in the pocket and then decided to run, which was the smart decision. The left side of the field looked wide open.

Mahomes started running and kept running and running. He got close enough to stretch the ball out and dive into the end zone. Watching it live it looked like he got it and I was pretty excited:

But then ...

They ruled that he stepped out at the three yard line. That was still a first down so the Chiefs ended up scoring with Mahomes throwing a touchdown to Demetrius Harris, his second touchdown reception of the night.

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