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Alex Smith floats a beauty to Travis Kelce

Alex Smith is going to have his best season. Some of you are laughing because Alex is not a stats guy so 3,500 yards and 25 touchdowns could be his best season. I just think he will stand up to the pressure from the kid, Patrick Mahomes.

Alex showed that on Saturday night in Cincinnati with a beauty to Travis Kelce. Watch the replay below:

Note that at the top of your screen the safety was sneaking up and showing blitz. Alex knew he was coming. The Chiefs line did a nice job of picking him up. Alex dropped back and floated a beauty of a long ball to Kelce for 30-plus yards.

Watch where that ball landed. Kelce doesn’t even have to stretch out his arms. It just lands in the perfect spot. It reminded me of that scene in The Sandlot where Benny “The Jet” Rodriguez told Smalls to just put his glove in the air and he would take care of the rest.

It’s preseason, it’s early, it doesn’t count, blah blah blah ... I’m going to appreciate these deep balls.

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