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Michael Vick with some Patrick Mahomes praise on Colin Cowherd’s show

Michael Vick spent the past few weeks with Patrick Mahomes and the Kansas City Chiefs coaching staff at training camp. He was only there for a few weeks but Vick walked away impressed with the Chiefs rookie quarterback.

“I’ve seen Patrick Mahomes do some things that I wish I could’ve done with my arm in terms of throwing on the run and I was as one of the best at it outside the pocket and being mobile,” Vick said this week on Colin Cowherd’s show. “This kid is going to make some throws that is going to shock the world. I’m so anxious to see him play down the road in the future at some point.”

Yes, Alex Smith is the 2017 starter and I am happy about that. However, I can’t help but feeling all giddy inside when I hear stuff like this.

“Right now he’s going through the phases of maturation and learning the system and becoming a complete quarterback,” Vick continued. “He has a ways to go. This kid is going to do some special things under Andy Reid.”

As a former player for Reid and briefly a coach, Vick is more of an authority on this then plenty of others. I’ll take this as good news from Vick.

H/T 610 Sports

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