Are the Kansas City Chiefs better or worse?

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From the FanPosts -Joel

At this time of year every player has recovered from injury 100 percent, looks like they did when they were in their prime, has made "the leap", and is in the best shape of their life. A C- player last year is going to be a B+ player this year because they have the tools and will develop like it's Madden.

I'll try to cut through a bunch of that and see where we really are in relation to last year.


The stronger side of the ball should be even stronger than last year. Why do I say that? Because the worst version of our defense involves Kendall Reyes playing a significant number of snaps after being pulled off the street and the defense missing Justin Houston and Derrick Johnson.


  • Injuries couldn't have gotten much worse and yet the unit played great
  • Better depth in the front seven
  • Run defense should be improved with Bennie Logan and DJ to go along with a decent competition next to DJ
  • Pass rush was abysmal and yet our passing defense was great. Justin Houston being back along with starting defensive linemen should help with sacks and the secondary from having to cover as long
  • More options for Sutton. Without the depth and guys able to move around that he had in years previous Sutton had his hands tied a bit. I expect some fun sub-packages this year.
  • Dontari Poe is gone. Bennie Logan may replace him or surpass him in the run game and may even do pretty well against the pass too, but Poe was dependable. If Logan goes down or is at 80% for a few weeks this could cause some major problems.
  • Corners after Peters didn't get better. Sure the staff seems to like their group of guys or they would have invested in replacing them, but expecting them to be better than last year is optimism. You could just as easily decide that Mitchell ran through a hot streak like Marcus Cooper did a few years ago.
  • Inside linebackers are the same. DJ is still old and often injured and the person next to him is just going to be a question mark replacement level player.


This is where my doubts really start creeping in. If Jamaal Charles or Jeremy Maclin were returning after their injury-plagued seasons I would have a lot better outlook. But as it is our ceiling on offense is about what it was for most of the season last year.

  • Offensive line continuity continues. A couple of these guys we have hit on and the continuity will help the whole unit. Not having to worry about your tackles and center is a hige burden off your shoulders.
  • We drafted Kareem Hunt. His college tape looks great and he will get a chance to play immediately. He doesn't have to be better than Charles to improve the team, but better than the backs that actually played last season.
  • Tyreek will have a bigger role in the offense. I'm not expecting him to become Antonio Brown or anything. I am just expecting him to be on the field more which will help the team.
  • Alex looks like he is running again in the pre-season.
  • Alex Smith isn't getting younger. His physical tools are always what propelled him from below average to above average. If his legs look like they did last year then we are in trouble.
  • Jeremy Maclin isn't walking through that door. This WR corps was terrible before Maclin got here and it isn't head and shoulders above that now. Tyreek will make some plays, but we had that last year too. Replacing the attention that even a 600 yard Jeremy Maclin got won't be easy.
  • The offensive line depth looks terrible after Fulton. Investing in guys like Jah Reid instead of spending a late round pick on a guy is one reason Dorsey shouldn't be questioning his firing too much.
  • There is no "wow" from the running backs. Jamaal Charles was our running game. Spencer Ware is a great guy in space and Charcandrick West....must bring something to the table I'm sure, but we saw last year that neither will elevate a poor running game. They are as good as the play call and offensive line are. Hunt might be that guy, but I haven't seen anything from him in a Chiefs uniform to make me think that yet.
Overall in a sunshine pumper. I think we are better just for the fact that our biggest question marks this year (CB2, ILB, WR, RB, LG) were downright holes for the majority last year and we still won a lot of games.

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