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Alex Smith asked about Colin Kaepernick, says a lot has changed since they were teammates

Alex Smith was asked a number of questions at his Wednesday news conference. The longest answer he gave was to the question about Colin Kaepernick.

Sam Mellinger asked the Kap question for this piece in the Star. I grabbed some video of Alex’s response which you can watch above or read the quotes via the Chiefs below.

Q: Do you have any thoughts on Colin Kaepernick’s situation since you used to play with him?

SMITH: “A lot changed in a few years obviously since I had been gone and came here. Everything that has gone on since is certainly not something I saw coming knowing Kap. My relationship with Kap is we always got along really well. He was always extremely respectful with me so he and I got along really well. I have not talked to Kap in a long time though with all of the stuff going on. Hard for me to even talk about like I said when I was with him none of this was even there at all. Obviously a lot has changed since then, but it is hard to even comment on it. Like I said, don’t know. There is a lot going on in that landscape right now. Certainly when I was there he was playing at a really, really high level. He had a lot in front of him as a career goes playing really good football. It is crazy to think that he is not playing. That is a crazy thing because like I said as good as he was playing, young, strong, I felt like he had a long career ahead of him and it is crazy at this point he is out of a job.”

Alex didn’t say much but the headline that folks are using is him saying it’s crazy to think he’s not playing. That’s because it is crazy to think that if you’re Alex and you were teammates with Kap just a few years ago.

There was a point this offseason that I wondered if the Chiefs should go after a veteran quarterback like they did with Nick Foles last year, and Kap’s resume would have fit the bill there. Clark Hunt would have OK’d that move. I think we’re past that point now because Mahomes looks like the real deal and he needs all the reps the Chiefs have. But, yeah, it is crazy to think he’s not playing.

(Note: Based on past experiences, I have gone ahead and closed the comments on this post.)

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