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Chiefs explain why they were more focused on passing, not running in preseason opener

I hopped on 610 Sports with Carrington Harrison and Brad Fanning yesterday and one of the things that came up was the Kansas City Chiefs run game in the preseason opener. It kinda sucked!

I wasn’t that concerned about the Chiefs running attack from the first game - 14 carries for 31 yards - because most of those attempts were from second and third stringers and it also seemed to me that the Chiefs were focusing more on the quarterbacks and the passing game rather than the running game.

All four quarterbacks played in the game, which they won’t necessarily this week. Andy Reid told reporters that the Chiefs would get more out of the run game going forward later this preseason. Assistant head coach Brad Childress chimed in as well.

“Would have liked to see (the run game) more effective but I think it was coach’s idea that we talked about when it’s warm like this we want to make sure you sync up your passing game and you’ve got it all synced up when you move into the season,” Childress said via quotes from the Chiefs. “I think you’ll probably see more emphasis on run as we go here but we’ll never step away from that pass. Got to be able to do it here if you’re going to do it in climate conditions as the season goes on.”

That’s ... actually a good point! The passing game is probably harder from that standpoint. The Chiefs don’t have that game breaking “2013 Jamaal Charles” running back this year so I see them having a good but not great rushing attack as the season goes on.

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