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Chiefs’ Brad Childress says Patrick Mahomes has a downfield mentality

KC Chiefs assistant head coach Brad Childress spoke to the media today and he had a couple of interesting things to say about the Chiefs new QB Patrick Mahomes.

First, Childress said Mahomes has a “downfield mentality.

"He can throw it from a number of different spots, different platforms and arm positions. He has a downfield mentality,” Childress said.

This was noticed on one play in particular for me. Mahomes was forced out of the pocket to his left and had a few yards of green grass ahead of him where he could have run. However, before hitting the line of scrimmage, he stopped for a second and looked downfield. That’s the downfield mentality. He’s looking down field when he’s pushed out of the pocket.

The second thing is an obvious but worth stating: He needs more game reps.

"Real time snaps are what it's all about,” Childress said. “But he's playing against a pretty good defense here so situationally here with Bob (Sutton’s) blitzes he’s not going to see a blitz he doesn’t get out here.”

That’s why some fans were hoping to see Mahomes continue on in the fourth quarter of Friday’s game rather than Joel Stave. Mahomes is clearly your guy so get him as much work as possible. Alex Smith should get more snaps with the first team in this second preseason game. I’m curious to see how the Chiefs mix it up with Mahomes and Bray.

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