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Chiefs give Patrick Mahomes the No. 2 reps ahead of Tyler Bray at Sunday’s training camp practice

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A new development at KC Chiefs training camp! Patrick Mahomes had been taking the third string reps behind Alex Smith and Tyler Bray to this point in camp. That changed today, according to reporters on the scene who say that Mahomes is now taking the No. 2 reps ahead of Bray.

Andy Reid is sure to downplay this but we all knew it was coming. The guy the Chiefs drafted 10th overall was always going to pass the undrafted guy - at some point. That point appears to be today unless the Chiefs are doing this temporarily.

I don’t see why this would be temporary. If you watched Friday’s game, Mahomes was the better quarterback. It may be biased but we ran a poll asking Chiefs fans if they thought Mahomes or Bray had the better game.

“It was almost equal, it was close,” Reid said Friday when asked about Bray and Mahomes.

It wasn’t that equal. Barring injuries, it sure looks like we’re on our way to Mahomes being the No. 2 this season.