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Chiefs walk away from first preseason game with only a couple of injuries

The Kansas City Chiefs appear to be relatively lucky with their preseason injuries. In Friday’s game against the San Francisco 49ers the Chiefs had just two injuries - a dislocated finger for Phillip Gaines and a knee contusion for Chris Conley.

I’m not going to spend too much time worrying about a finger unless it’s a single finger pointed up at me while I’m trying to drive down the highway.

Conley, however, had kind of a crazy looking injury. Tyler Bray led him on a slant and Conley did what we’ve seen him do in practice and snatched the ball out of the air pretty well. Credit to him for making the catch.

It was a dangerous catch because someone came in and took his legs out from under him (better than going high, I suppose). Conley flipped and the ball fell out. (Honestly, I am having a brain fart as to whether the Chiefs recovered that fumble or not but it’s preseason so I’m not gonna go back and look that up. Cool?)

Conley’s feet went straight up in the air and flipped around. Because he got up I didn’t think much of that flip but I’m guessing that’s when the injury occurred.

Andy Reid called it a knee contusion and said “we’ll just see how he does” when talking about him. I don’t think of a contusion as serious but I think Reid calls a lot of things contusions so I’m never really sure what’s what. We’ll be talking to Big Red later today in a conference call so we’ll see if there are any updates.

Speaking of Conley, we’ll have more on him but he had a pretty good night. Bray hit him with an 83-yard touchdown that was called back for pass interference and then shortly after Bray hit him again with a perfect back shoulder pass. Encouraging start.

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