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Arrowheadlines: Deep balls and QBs, the story of the Chiefs preseason so far

Let's talk about Patrick Mahomes

Posted by Arrowhead Pride: For Kansas City Chiefs Fans on Friday, August 11, 2017

Long Alex Smith-to-Tyreek Hill pass sets tone for Kansas City Chiefs | ESPN

When it was starters vs. starters, the Chiefs looked ...: like they were ready for the regular season. Alex Smith guided a touchdown drive in his only possession of the game, hitting Tyreek Hill down the right sideline for 32 yards on the first play from scrimmage. The defense held the 49ers’ starters to two three-play drives, though the latter resulted in a San Francisco field goal. The 49ers had taken possession at the Kansas City 25 after Bray threw an interception.

Chiefs vs. 49ers: 10 Observations |

Early in the second quarter, the 49ers had a first-and-goal from the 1-yard line following a Chiefs’ penalty on a made field goal, but the 49ers decided to take the points off the board and accept the penalty and try to get it in from the 1-yard line.

The Chiefs’ defense had other plans.

What We Learned from Andy Reid Following Friday’s Game |

OPENING STATEMENT: “As far as the injuries go not really a lot to mention. [Chris] Conley has a knee contusion, we’ll just see how he does and [Phillip] Gaines dislocated a finger. Other than that everybody made it through fairly healthy. Really the game came down to two turnovers and then all of the penalties. So two turnovers, 10 points we have to do better. In those areas I was disappointed in that part of it, the discipline part. However the ones had a positive showing. I thought they came out with some good work and were able to move the ball pretty good. With that time’s yours.”

Chiefs backup quarterback Tyler Bray takes his effort for backup spot with Chiefs to field in preseason game against 49ers | The Kansas City Star

“I felt great coming out,” Bray said. “I went out there and executed pretty well. Mistakes here and there, but they’re fixable. … It was my check down, I was stepping up in the pocket and just threw it a little too far outside.”

Chiefs's Alex Smith responds to pressure of Mahomes | The Kansas City Star

So even though Bray and Mahomes also threw deep on their first passes, each caught but negated by penalties, there was a statement in Smith feathering a pass down the right sideline to Hill on the first play.

“Coach threw (the play call) out to me, and I jumped on it,” Smith said. “If I had left it a little more inside, Tyreek could have housed it, but we’ll take it.”

Back to action for Chiefs' wounded in 2016 | The Kansas City Star

“Playing out here and being back is a blessing,” Johnson said. “Every chance I get to be on the field is getting me better and better, and I’m almost 100 percent, so I can’t ask for anything more.”

Chiefs go deep to Tyreek Hill on the first play of preseason | Arrowhead Pride

Tyreek went out a few yards and stopped and then put the jets back on. Look at when Alex released the ball. Tyreek had like half a step on him but Alex knew what was coming. Tyreek’s speed is on another level and if you don’t have help over the top you have to make them pay. He had a great pass and Tyreek caught it. (Was this a “deep” pass? Do you watch Kansas City football? Yes that was deep)

KC Chiefs vs San Francisco 49ers score & recap | Friday August 11, 2017 | The Kansas City Star

The 49ers started flowing with him, as defenders tend to do when a quarterback starts running toward the sideline. While still on the move, Mahomes pointed toward the middle of the field with his left finger, took a few more strides toward the sideline and uncorked a jump throw across his body to his favorite target in camp, receiver Marcus Kemp, who had drifted to the soft spot in the defense that Mahomes pointed to.


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