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What the Chiefs say they’re expecting out of Patrick Mahomes in the first preseason game

What do we expect out of Patrick Mahomes this Friday in his first preseason game? A 75 percent completion percentage with at least two touchdowns and no turnovers? And a couple hundred yards?


“Really just to get the guys lined up the right way,” Chiefs OC Matt Nagy said this week. “Do the simple things and let him play. Go out there and make plays as much as he can, but don’t try to go out there and do too much. Play within the system and if he does that, he’ll be okay.”

“I would tell you this for probably everybody, just execute,” Chiefs coach Andy reid said. “Obviously the quarterbacks have a little more responsibility with it, just with all of the calls and so on. Just the main thing is to execute.”

Alex Smith talked about how much of a better position Mahomes is in entering his first game than Alex was. There is a ton of excitement in this city about seeing Mahomes for the first time on Friday but there are also little expectations. Somehow the Chiefs were able to make that happen

“Just to go in, try to be efficient when I get my opportunity and just try to move the ball,” Mahomes said. “Put it in the playmakers hands and let them hopefully score some touchdowns.”

Mahomes came in with that gunslinger tag but I don’t see him as an actual Favre-like guy that’s going to ignore the coaches and do his own thing. At least I don’t think he’s like that, although Alex did say he was wired differently than him.

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