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Andy Reid tells Chiefs quarterbacks to test the water at training camp

ESPN was discussing the Kansas City Chiefs and Patrick Mahomes earlier this week and the graphic they showed on the screen was that Mahomes had thrown three picks in the most recent practice. I imagine some folks would see that and think Mahomes is struggling. However, I don’t think he’s struggling. Interceptions during training camp aren’t necessarily a bad thing, Andy Reid said on ESPN’s Mike and Mike this week.

“This is what I tell the quarterbacks is test the water,” Reid said. “Do it here. That’s why we’re here. Get used to the offense and get used to what you can get away with it. If it’s a keyhole throw and you’re trying to put the ball through the keyhole then let’s do it here and if it’s not working here then at least you have an idea of that route and what you can maximize out of that route. So I’d tell you yes. I’m not opposed to interceptions at practice if they’re making the right reads and progressions are proper. And you can tell, you’ve been around them long enough, if they’re just trying to fit it in and see what they can get away with.”

On the other side, Adam Teicher has counted three picks for Alex Smith in 139 training camp throws. That’s why I love this Chiefs setup. The guy Mahomes is looking up to before each rep is taking care of the ball. Mahomes has a different game than Alex so he’s not copying him but I do think it’s important to learn the value of not forcing it and living another day.

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