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4 reasons someone thinks the Kansas City Chiefs will fail this year

Evan Silva from Rotoworld picked the over on the Kansas City Chiefs the last two years but he’s going with the under this year. Silva put out this tweet which caused some reaction from Chiefs fans:

The first two are fair points. The Chiefs do appear to have organizational dysfunction after firing members of their front office and the GM. They also have a difficult schedule (it was easier last year).

I would argue with bottom-five offensive talent ... I may not argue with bottom half or bottom third. The thing is, two years from now Tyreek Hill could be a bigger star and Kareem Hunt could be a solid back which would change how I view the offensive talent. Add in Patrick Mahomes and I like some of the potential. They’ll have a good offensive line too.

Likely in-season quarterback change? As Chiefs fans, we’ve heard Andy Reid and others say repeatedly that Mahomes needs to sit and that this year it’s Alex Smith’s team in 2017. So we believe that. I think Mahomes sits all year barring injury. However, you look at it as an outsider and the Chiefs just drafted their quarterback of the future and the incumbent appears likely gone after this year because you can save so much cap space by cutting him. I can see how you would look at that situation and, assuming the Chiefs are going to struggle, that you would see a quarterback change late in the year. I don’t think that will happen because I don’t think the Chiefs will struggle that badly but if you do think they will struggle then, yeah, a quarterback change becomes more likely it seems.

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