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Kansas City Chiefs remain the thorn in the Oakland Raiders side

You hear a lot of talk out there about the Oakland Raiders and whether they are the next team to challenge the New England Patriots. Here in Kansas City, the Raiders are the little puppy nipping at the Chiefs heels. (Yes, I need to talk this trash while I still can)

I’ll concede the Raiders future looks very bright but in the AFC West the Raiders have not been dominant against the Chiefs. Kansas City has beaten Oakland in five straight games and seven of eight overall.

Former Raider and current radio broadcaster Lincoln Kennedy said on Mighty 1090 AM that the thorn in the Raiders side remains the Chiefs.

“I can’t put the carriage in front of the horse,” Kennedy said when asked about the Raiders being the biggest threat to the Patriots. “I think the Raiders have to deal with the Kansas City problem before they talk about the New England problem. The truth of the matter is that, right now, the thorn in the side of the Raiders are the Kansas City Chiefs. Derek Carr, for what it’s worth, has not had good games. He’s 1-5 in the last six games against the Chiefs. I think the Raiders are a sexy pick. Certainly by them winning 12 games last year they put themselves in the position to say that they’re one of the leaders in the AFC. But they have a thorn in their side that is the Chiefs and a very competitive division.”

It’s hard to sit here and tout the Chiefs after the offseason they’ve had from the firing of John Dorsey to the release of Jeremy Maclin. You look over in Oakland and the Raiders have paid their franchise quarterback and brought in hometown favorite Marshawn Lynch (and, oh yeah, they’re moving). This season could be a changing of the guard in the AFC if the Raiders take control ... or just another season sweep for the Chiefs.

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