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Eric Berry talks about a loss he won’t forget in this new Gatorade commercial

I saw the new Gatorade commercial looking at Matt Ryan and the Falcons Super Bowl loss. Usually you see them celebrating the winners but Gatorade showcased losing with that ad and they did the same with Kansas City Chiefs S Eric Berry in this video.

Berry talks about a loss that impacted him and it’s not what the season he lost when he was battling cancer. It was a game when he was just 12 years old and playing quarterback.

“Coming through the season we were undefeated,” Berry said. “We were beating teams by a lot. We make it to the championship game and we’re going back and forth, back and forth. We end up scoring and make the score 13-14.

“Ball snapped, I roll out to my right. My best friend, who plays tight end, he’s been hot. He’s the one who got us all the way down there to score. I’m like, shoot, I’m going to force-feed him. I scan the field, I see he’s covered. I know he’s covered. I’m looking dead at the defender on him and I still throw the rock to him.

“The ball is intercepted and we lose the game. That loss to me meant the worst because I felt like I let the whole city down. Light switch went on. I never wanted to feel like that again. That prepared me for the better. I just use that loss right there all game. I never take any plays off. That’s the things that really take it to the next level.”

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