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Chiefs new ticket package shows the challenge in getting fans into the stadium

The Kansas City Chiefs introduced a new $200 mobile-only season ticket package. It’s sort of like the Southwest boarding style where you don’t have an exact seat but you do get a ticket into the game. The $200 guarantees you entry into the stadium but you don’t get that exact seat assigned until the day of the game. It’s a creative way to fill up the remaining seats each week.

While I’m glad to see cheaper tickets to make it more affordable for folks to go, this also recognizes the reality of where we are with attendance at Chiefs games. It’s hard to get butts in the seats. The Chiefs are working to get people in the stadium like they seemingly never have before. It’s not the 1990s anymore where it seemed like you would have 99 percent capacity without any question. People have many more options on Sundays instead of going to a Chiefs game. You know all this but it stands out with the Chiefs new ticket package.

Not only do people have more options when it comes to Sunday Funday, they also have arguably a better view watching the game on TV. The in-home experience is so good and so much cheaper than going to the game. I really can’t blame anyone for not going to a game (except for the playoffs. You gotta experience the playoffs in person). Even as a media member the first thing I do after a game is go home and watch the replay on TV to see what I missed.

If I were the Chiefs I would continue to find creative ways like this to get folks into the stadium while also promoting the one part of the game day experience you can’t replicate: tailgating.

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