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Chiefs podcast looks at Tamba Hali, obsessing over Mitch Morse and mailbag questions

MNchiefsfan previews his upcoming Tamba Hali film review, spends time discussing the importance of offensive line and how it can be separated from team success, his obsession with Mitch Morse, and takes mailbag questions in this edition of his podcast.

Listen in the player below or click here.

1:11- Some kind of gunshot or explosion or careless person hitting the table threatens to ruin everything, but we persevere.

2:05- Sneak peak at Tamba Hali's film review, coming soon to Arrowhead Pride, and a discussion of Tamba's role in 2016 and moving forward.

5:30- How important the offensive line is, how critical it is to separate individual performance from overall team success, and how MNchiefsfan reviews and grades linemen.

15:15- MNchiefsfan admits to being totally wrong about LDT's potential development.

16:45- We spend a creepy amount of time discussing MNchiefsfan's creepy love for Mitch Morse.

27:35- First mailbag question: Tanoh Kpassagnon's potential in 2017.

35:10- Second mailbag question: Dee Ford a good pick or bad pick, and what's next?

41:53- Quick-hitter mailbag questions:

  • Could any current Chiefs' offensive lineman start on the 2003 squad
  • Will Mahomes win the QB2 spot in 2017
  • Potential surprise impact players this season
  • Whether Derrick Johnson could be replaced if he gets injured this season (spoiler: not really, no)

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