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Derrick Johnson misses Chiefs practice because of a tooth

Some dentist in Kansas City had a KC Chiefs linebacker in their chair today. Derrick Johnson was not at Chiefs training camp practice on Monday and the Chiefs say that it’s because of a tooth.

Indeed, DJ had an abscessed tooth and needed to have it taken care of so that’s why he wasn’t at training camp practice.

That is ... a new one. It’s not the best reason for missing part of Chiefs camp that we’ve seen so far this year though. That would go to Justin Houston who was late to the start of camp because he didn’t have to pee yet.

“The league has tests that are mandatory tests that they do your whole team here and they mix and match it,” Chiefs coach Andy Reid said on Sunday explaining Justin Houston’s late arrival to practice that day. “It’s random. So he got a random drug test today, and there’s no time on it, and he had just gone to the bathroom. So he had to put a few liquids down to get ready to give that one. Maybe it’s too much information here, but it’s pretty simple.”

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