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Chiefs training camp highlights for Monday include deep balls

The Kansas City Chiefs do go deep ... just not as often as other teams. That’s the biggest complaint about the KC Chiefs offense is that they don’t go vertically enough. They are good at the shorter passes and the screens but they don’t stretch the field.

So this video should make you feel better (H/T Brandon Zenner of the News-Press):

Yeah, it’s just camp and there are no pads. That makes a huge difference so I don’t think the Chiefs are all of a sudden going to turn into the Steelers throwing the ball down the field. However, with Tyreek Hill, they have a guy that can take the top off the defense. The Chiefs have to get a couple looks per game with Tyreek going deep.

I came across an interesting chart the other day - that I can’t find right now, of course - that showed how often teams went deep and it was sorted by play caller. So Andy Reid’s Philly teams were on there and you could compare it to his Chiefs teams. He did extend the field more often with Donovan McNabb because that was one of his strengths. That’s also one of Patrick Mahomes’s strengths. So when Mahomes gets out there, I think it’s a safe bet that they will extend the field more often than they do now.

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