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The 4 players at Chiefs training camp that have me the most hyped

I got this tweet over the weekend:

There has been a lot of hype. Why so much? Because some of it involves the quarterbacks and some of it involves the fastest player in the NFL. Usually the defense is ahead at this point but we’ve seen strong reports on the Chiefs offense.

I know, I know, the pads still have to come on. However, I am still hyped about the following players.

4. QB Alex Smith

In any other year, Alex would be a much bigger story. The reports from camp have consistently singled Alex out as someone who looks good. Our own Pete Sweeney reported on the first day that Alex clearly got better this offseason. He’s 33 years old so getting a lot better isn’t exactly something we expected.

The pressure is on Alex. It’s not a true contract year but it’s pretty close to the same thing. Some players elevate their game when the pressure is on like that and it sounds like Alex is doing that. What if the Chiefs had a better Alex Smith in 2017? They already made it to the Divisional round. Could he push them another round?

3. RB Kareem Hunt

The story line after drafting him was that he has good hands and can be a threat in the receiving game. This one-handed catch shows that all that wasn’t just talk. He does appear to have good hands. Andy Reid knows exactly how to take advantage of that. He’s been doing it for 20 years. Kareem Hunt is going to have a big year.

2 QB Patrick Mahomes

Let’s stop for a minute and appreciate this. In an article on players getting hyped, I have started with two quarterbacks. In Kansas City. Quarterbacks! The Chiefs!

OK ...

Mahomes had his best day over the weekend when reports said that he was accurate with his passes as well as his strong start in the two minute drill. We’re not expecting Mahomes to play this year but it’s cool that he is matching Alex’s strong start. This is all good news.

I know it’s not much but look over in Chicago. Mitch Trubisky can’t take a snap from center. Blake Bortles threw five picks in a practice. Joe Flacco is hurt. It could be worse so I’ll appreciate solid reports on the rookie quarterback.

1. WR Tyreek Hill

When I said I wasn’t sure if I was more hyped about Tyreek Hill or about Patrick Mahomes, my guy Carrington Harrison said you always pick the quarterback. Not for me, not on this. I’m taking Tyreek as the guy that has me the most hyped. Watch some of those highlights from camp. If this dude has legit receiver hands along with this speed ... oh my! The potential is ... I don’t even want to say it because it’s so high.

This is still training camp. It’s not a real game. The hype train is fired up but it’s still in the station until he goes out there and actually does it.

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