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These two plays show why Marcus Peters calls Tyreek Hill one of the best WRs right now

The Kansas City Chiefs may have something in Tyreek Hill. That sounds a little silly to say after he was a revelation last year scoring 12 touchdowns. However, I’m talking about his role as a receiver. The Chiefs used him all over the place last year and they probably will this year but his main role will be at receiver.

As it turns out, Tyreek has pretty good hands and he can locate the ball well. The Chiefs posted this clip of two Tyreek catches that demonstrate this.

The first one he catches a deep ball on his finger tips, which is important because Tyreek can out run anyone in the NFL. It’s been reported that Alex Smith is looking Tyreek’s way often during camp. If Alex can just chuck it up there once in a while, Tyreek is going to get some of those. He has legit hands.

Speaking of legit hands ... the second catch is what really makes me excited. He starts, stops and comes back to make an excellent catch. This is not all about speed here. He’s using his hands to make a great catch on the sideline. This is promising!

You know who else thinks this is promising? The guy who was covering him - Marcus Peters.

“You got to compete with the best if you want to be the best,” Peters said of his battles with Tyreek, via quotes from the Chiefs. “He is one of the best receivers in our league right now so you have to get work.”

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