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Kareem Hunt makes catch of Chiefs training camp so far

There is a lot of hype around the Kansas City Chiefs training camp right now and it has to do with the skill position players. We’ll get to Tyreek Hill’s strong start to camp a little later but right now let’s talk about Kareem Hunt.

He was talked about his receiving skills after the Chiefs picked him in the third round this year. He went from 11 receptions his junior year at Toledo to 41 the next year and said that that was intentional. He wanted to make himself a bigger part of their passing game.

Andy Reid uses running backs in the passing game in his offense so it’s a safe assumption that Hunt will be featured there. It’s also a safe assumption because of plays like this:

From the other side (second play in):

What a catch. One-handed reaching out and pulling it in. The best part was that he looked so smooth doing it, like he had done it before. If you couldn’t see it well, our guy ChiefWildcat was in a great spot for these shots.

The hype train isn’t slowing down anytime soon.

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