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Former Chiefs WR can’t remember a QB like Patrick Mahomes since ...

So should we start calling him, “Patty the Cool?”

Former Chiefs wide receiver Danan Hughes joined us on the very first edition of the Arrowhead Pride Podcast, and on it, we asked him about which former players he sees in rookie Patrick Mahomes.

“That’s a great question,” Hughes said. “You know, I do see a little bit of [Brett Favre and Donovan McNabb], and before I even get into comparisons, you see of glimpses of what you see in Green Bay, you see glimpses of a Matt Stafford in Detroit. To me, the best thing about Patrick Mahomes is that he’s different than what the Chiefs have had, and I tried to scroll through my brain of the history of Kansas City Chiefs quarterbacks, and with his ability, his willingness to throw the ball all over the field, I can’t think of a quarterback that comes close to his ability or at least his mindset going back to Len Dawson. That’s how special this kid is.”


Hughes continued.

“Let’s face it,” he said. “There are going to be times on Monday mornings when we’re going to be pulling our hair out wondering, ‘What in the world was he thinking throwing that ball?’ and then there’s going to be many more days where we’re going to think, ‘Wow. That was an amazing throw. I can’t believe he made that play.’ That’s what you get with those kind of quarterbacks when you talk about Brett Favre and Stafford and all those guys.

“I think he’s a unique talent, and definitely something that has not been around Kansas City as far as I can remember.”

By the standard of Dawson, that would be 42 years.

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