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It’s not just fans, Chiefs OC Matt Nagy says Patrick Mahomes is doing great

We saw our own MNChiefsfan write about Patrick Mahomes in the two minute drill based on a fan video at camp from a couple hundreds yards away. The angle wasn’t the best so you mihgt think the excitement over Patrick Mahomes doing well in one two minute drill is a little overblown (and it probably is). But this isn’t just fans being fans about their rookie quarterback. Chiefs OC Matt Nagy also sounded impressed with Mahomes.

“He’s doing great,” Nagy said of Mahomes. “I tell everybody from his very first practice that he had when he came in and was screaming in the huddle what the play was and didn’t realize he was talking to the defense to, to where he is right now looking off safeties is a huge leap.”

He called one of his throws on Saturday “phenomenal.”

The no-huddle does seem to fit Mahomes well because he can be more natural. You don’t have as much time to think. That’s probably pretty typical for younger players who can just go out and play without thinking as much.

Everything they’re saying about Mahomes is making me feel good about his first training camp. Really good. I knew this would happen.

“He’s very calm,” Nagy continued. “You can’t break him down. Coach (Andy Reid) gets after him and every once in a while I’ll be looking out the corner of my eye to see if he’s starting to break down but he’s doing great. And as of now he’s pretty unbreakable, but we’ll see how it goes as this test goes on.”

I’ve been down with Alex Smith being the starter this year and I still am. Alex is my guy in 2017. However, I’ll admit I’m getting really excited with these reports of Mahomes doing well at camp.

39 days to Chiefs-Patriots...

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