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The rest of the NFL world is going to know a lot about the Chiefs in the first half of the 2017 schedule

I was thinking about starting up a series looking at the opponents on the Kansas City Chiefs schedule and how much confidence we have that the Chiefs can win each game. As I was looking at the schedule I was reminded how many primetime games the Chiefs have. NFL fans are going to be sick of the Chiefs by Halloween.

The Chiefs are in primetime Week 1 against the Patriots, Week 4 against the Redskins, Week 5 against the Texans, Week 7 against the Raiders and Week 8 against the Broncos.

There’s a big six week break before the Chiefs are back on primetime again against the Chargers (which doesn’t seem like a sexy matchup but somehow has produced some of the more memorable Chiefs games lately).

It makes me a little nervous that they’re on primetime so many times so early. I can envision a scenario where the world is watching when the Chiefs implode or have one of their slow starts. (Yes I always think of the worst) Opinions of teams are formed from national TV games.

While I’m talking about it, here’s the Chiefs schedule. Look for our series on our confidence in each game soon.

  1. at Patriots, 9/7, 7:30 pm, NBC
  2. Eagles, 9/17, 12pm, Fox
  3. at Chargers, 9/24, 3:25 pm CBS
  4. Redskins 10/2, 7:30 pm, ESPN
  5. at Texans, 10/8, 7:30 pm, NBC
  6. Steelers, 10/15, 3:25 pm, CBS
  7. at Raiders, 10/19, 7:25 pm, CBS/NFLN
  8. Broncos, 10/30, 7:30 pm, ESPN
  9. at Cowboys, 11/5, 3:25 pm, CBS
  10. Bye
  11. at Giants, 11/19, 12 pm, CBS
  12. Bills, 11/26, 12 pm, CBS
  13. at Jets, 12/3, 12 pm, CBS
  14. Raiders, 12/10, 12 pm, CBS
  15. Chargers, 12/16, 7:25 pm, NFLN
  16. Dolphins, 12/24, 12 pm, CBS
  17. at Broncos, 12/31, 3:25 pm, CBS

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