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A Chiefs player is missing from this list of young players with Hall of Fame potential

A disclaimer: It’s ridiculous to talk about players with only a year or two of experience as having Hall of Fame potential. It’s way too early and things usually change.

That said ...

Let’s talk about young players with Hall of Fame potential. NFL dot com’s Adam Schein made a list of nine young players with that type of potential. I clicked on the article and started scrolling to see where Marcus Peters was ... and kept scrolling ... and scrolling.

Peters is not listed here. This is not meant to be a definitive list of all young Hall of Fame potential players but if that’s what you’re talking about you have to talk about Peters, who is racking up interceptions at a Hall of Fame rate.

It’s hard to predict interceptions. Because Peters has 14 (regular season) interceptions in two years, it doesn’t mean he’ll get seven next season. More likely teams will start avoiding him more and more and it will get harder and harder.

That’s OK, though. The interceptions are nice but you can still build a Hall of Fame career on being a great player as Darrelle Revis has learned. He has 29 interceptions over his 10-year career and he’s going to be in Hall of Fame consideration.

So, I would actually put Peters near the top of this list. He is two years in putting up Hall of Fame-worthy numbers. It’s stupid early to be talking about this but if we are Peters belongs ahead of many of these guys ...

Cowboys RB Ezekiel Elliott

Giants WR Odell Beckham

Bucs WR Mike Evans

Chargers DE Joey Bosa

Patriots WR Brandin Cooks

Bucs QB Jameis Winston

Eagles QB Carson Wentz

Raiders WR Amari Cooper

Giants S Landon Collins

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