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Chiefs’ Tamba Hali says he would do things “a little bit different”

I didn’t expect KC Chiefs LB Tamba Hali’s tweets to become such a story line. I think it was the combination of Tamba not speaking out like that very often and it being so close to camp. Would Tamba do anything differently?

“I would do it different,” Tamba said Friday from the PUP list at training camp via quotes from the Chiefs. “I would probably do it a little bit different. I wouldn’t be on Twitter doing it the way I did. I probably would have contacted Coach just to figure it out behind closed doors because I think it got blown out of proportion based on the fact that we have training camp and we are getting ready for the Super Bowl champs. So everything got blown out.”

Tamba also acknowledged that he knew there would be a reaction because he doesn’t normally do stuff like that. I read it as Tamba wanting to win so bad that he wants everyone else to be as dedicated as he is, which isn’t a bad thing.

The one potentially negative thing that stood out to me was Tamba seemingly calling out those players who skipped the voluntary parts of the offseason, including Justin Houston and Eric Berry (not by name). However, Houston and Berry don’t seem to have a problem with any of this.

“Me and Tamba, I didn’t hear about any of that on social,” Berry said from camp. “I heard it when I got here. I just wanted to talk to him about it because me and Tamba always had that type of relationship. Plus I don’t want to hear that from different people. I want to hear it straight from the source. We talked about it and he told me what he felt and we’re good.”

“No because I’m not on Twitter, Instagram, I don’t watch ESPN,” Houston said when asked if he talked to Tamba. “I watch cartoons with my kids. I don’t care about any of that, what’s being said.”

This quote from Alex is a good example of how Chiefs players are responding to Tamba: “I’s good just to see him and crack a smile but for sure give him a hard time, jab him a little bit. Especially as the old guy, to me to have a little drama, I think that’s funny.”

Tamba said that he did talk to Andy Reid about his role and does have a “defined role” moving forward but didn’t want to say exactly what that was.

I would say this is our last “Tamba’s tweets” post but that’s probably not true. Sigh...

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