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Andy Reid says Chiefs liked new LB Kevin Pierre-Louis coming out of the draft

The Kansas City Chiefs made a trade hours before lining up for their first training camp practice when they sent LB DJ Alexander to the Seahawks for LB Kevin Pierre-Louis. It was a bit of a surprise to us because Alexander was a Pro Bowl special teamer last year. You don’t expect those types to get traded.

Andy Reid talked to the media after practice and said that the Chiefs had liked Pierre-Louis since he came out of Boston College. He was a fourth round pick by the Seahawks in 2014 (and out of curiosity I looked it up, the Chiefs didn’t make a fourth round pick that year. I’m an idiot. Yes, they did. They took DAT.)

“He has done special teams,” Reid said of the new linebacker (via quotes from the Chiefs). “He has had opportunities to play and has done well. They have a strong linebacker core there, so I think this gives us some depth or at least some opportunity. Let’s see how he does, but we liked him coming out and we are looking forward to getting him in there.”

Seth did a quick review of KPL’s (that’s the nickname we’re going with) tape from last season. He played significant snaps in one game against Atlanta. There are some traits to like, Seth said. It does seem like special teams is the main thing here.

“I think he will help us with special teams and that is okay too,” Reid said. “We want to keep building the depth in that position and get competition.”

The Dave Toub factor here matters. He churns out special teams Pro Bowlers on the reg. So if you think the Chiefs can replace Alexander on special teams, it comes down to linebacker play. The Chiefs had plenty of opportunities to play Alexander on defense the past couple of seasons (especially the last season when like every inside linebacker got hurt) and he didn’t play much. Maybe they think KPL offers more upside there.

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