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Let’s evaluate the athleticism of new Chiefs LB Kevin Pierre-Louis in this back flip video

The Kansas City Chiefs traded for fourth-year linebacker Kevin Pierre-Louis this morning, and I immediately found this:

#backflipchallenge #pnw #lakesammamish

A post shared by Kevin Pierre-Louis (@mrhyde_24) on

Rapid reaction:

  • I mean the guy has guns.
  • He’s careful - not only is he wearing a life jacket, he also double checks to make sure he has enough room to complete the flip.
  • Our guy KPL gets AIR on the flip. Athleticism for days.
  • He’s listening to “Ring Ding Dong” by Dr. Dre, which happens to be as hot a jam as you can find. He comes to Kansas City with some swagger.
  • Out with the “#lakesammamish” in with the #ozarks

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