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Chiefs’ Mitch Morse says John Dorsey’s firing was a shock: ‘I owe him a lot’

Count Mitch Morse among those who were shocked the Kansas City Chiefs fired John Dorsey. It’s gotta be an odd feeling for Morse because Dorsey gave him his shot in the NFL when he made him a second round pick a couple years ago. At the time many of us were surprised (ticked off?) because we didn’t know much about Morse. After a couple seasons, Dorsey has been proven right as Morse is awesome.

“That was definitely a shock for me,” Morse said this week from Chiefs camp regarding Dorsey’s firing. “I had a good personal relationship with Mr. Dorsey. It is a business. We are extremely excited about Mr. Veach here. He is a great man and he is excited. He definitely knows what to do. As John goes, he is a very close friend and I owe him a lot for giving his faith in me. I wish him the best and now we are focusing on training camp here.”

Tamba Hali said he wasn’t happy about the move either. Clearly there were some guys that liked Dorsey. And why not? Dorsey paid Tamba, drafted Morse and the Chiefs won a lot of games.

I always wondered how much the front office stuff matters to players. Do they really care that a scouting director left? Or that the cap guy is gone? Morse’s reaction shows that some players do care. As to whether it has an affect on the team, that remains to be seen.

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