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Anthony Sherman talked to Billy Butler about his mullet and leather jacket

A Q&A with Kansas City Chiefs fullback Anthony Sherman:

Q: How would you describe today’s outfit?

Sherman: “I do not know. I actually talked to Billy Butler about it and he decided that we should try to up last year, so I tried to up it with the leather jacket and the mullet.”

(Editor’s note: Last year’s outfit here)

Q: How much time was spent picking this outfit?

Sherman: “Maybe 30 minutes.”

Q: What is your favorite part about it?

Sherman: “Just the patches on this jacket. Look at all of this stuff.”

Q: What inspired you?

Sherman: “I don’t really know exactly. He just said you should do that and I was like, ‘Yeah, let me think about it.’ And then about an hour later, I was like, ‘Yeah, OK. I am definitely going to do it.’ Ordered it on Amazon.”

Q: What made you rock that hairstyle?

Sherman: “I think it actually looks pretty sweet. I just wish I actually had the hair to actually grow it long enough to do that.”

I legit want to thank Anthony Sherman for reminding us that sports are fun.

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