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Next step for Kansas City Chiefs’ Travis Kelce should be scoring more touchdowns

ESPN’s Adam Teicher had an interesting question for KC Chiefs coach Andy Reid this week. The Chiefs have been talking about getting more out of Tyreek Hill, who didn’t play full time offense last year. Teicher asked Reid how they get more out of Travis Kelce, who did play full time snaps last year.

Reid talked about staying creative with him on offense and moving him around. However, the biggest change that Kelce can see is more touchdowns. And to do that he needs more red zone targets (H/T Adam Levitan for pointing that out).

Kelce was targeted just seven times inside the 10-yard line last year. He was far down on the list of red zone (inside the 20) targets and catches. He’s not the worst in the league but we view Kelce as one of the top two tight ends in football.

To continue to get better, Kelce, who had four touchdowns last year and five in each of the two years before that, needs to score more. That’s the biggest difference between him and Gronk. That’s the next step for him.

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