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Arrowheadlines: KC Star Ed. Board is anti-Vick, where Travis Kelce caught his passes

Chiefs coach Andy Reid chose Michael Vick as coaching intern | The Kansas City Star

“Like a lot of players, when they get done playing, they are searching for different things to do with their professional life. He has a ton of routes he could go, but he had in interest in coaching so I invited him up here, and said, ‘give it a try, see what you think and see if you like it.’ ”

Michael Vick's presence perks up Kansas City Chiefs' QB meetings | ESPN

“I used to play with him on Madden all the time and he was unstoppable," said Bray, one of the Chiefs’ backup quarterbacks. “The first day he walked in I was kind of starstruck. I didn’t know what to say to him."

Why Michael Vick doesn't belong on the Kansas City Chiefs coaching staff | The Kansas City Star Editorial Board

Here’s a culture clash for you: If you’d never before heard of convicted dog torturer Michael Vick, who just joined the Kansas City Chiefs as a coaching intern, you would not have gotten any hint from the reaction in the sports world to his arrival here that this was anything other than a wildly exciting turn of events.

Kansas City Star Editorial Board Does Not Think Michael Vick Deserves Chance as Chiefs’ Coaching Intern | The Big Lead

Yes, what Vick did a decade ago was heinous. We are a country of second chances (and in a world built on “do unto others,” it is a societal philosophy that everyone capable of failure should embrace.) Vick paid dearly for his callousness. What he did will never be forgotten (as evidenced by the editorial and well, our common knowledge). The Star Editorial Board, though, isn’t the judge of his forgiveness.

Kansas City Chiefs can look to Travis Kelce to grow their offense | ESPN

“Every year you’ll see him probably get a little bit more here and there, different things," coach Andy Reid said. “He plays a lot, so it’s not going be [increased] play time, necessarily. But it’s just variations on the passing game. He can basically do everything a wide receiver can do. He gives you some flexibility there."

The Chiefs put Kelce’s versatility to good use last season. Of those 85 catches, 26 happened when he was lined up as a wide receiver and 40 as a slot receiver. Kelce had just 19 receptions when he was lined up as a tight end.

Colts GM Chris Ballard helped Brett Veach prepare for Chiefs interview | Stampede Blue

He took an interest in helping someone who he recently worked with in the past as he was preparing to go through the same kind of grueling process that he just experienced. You can bet Veach will never forget that. You can also bet that those are the kinds of relationships that might one day pay dividends when a team is looking to have a meaningful trade conversation or looking for some information as the team prepares to face one of the Chiefs’ rivals — or vice versa.

Less of him to love: Dontari Poe makes $125k today if he has lost weight | The Falcoholic

The Falcons targeted Poe in free agency, and think he would be even better slimmed down. He’s had a few weigh-in bonuses, including today’s $125,000 bonus. Additionally, Poe has had some back injuries that may improve if he works down his weight.

5 under the radar players to watch at Kansas City Chiefs training camp | Arrowhead Pride

Remember, Escobar has spent the last four years playing behind Jason Witten, and I’m not suggesting that playing behind Kelce will be much different as far as No. 1 time, but what I’m saying is, Harris got key looks last year—he was the target on the two-point conversion to tie the Sunday night game in Denver, the once-in-a-lifetime pass from Dontari Poe and the two-point conversion to potentially tie the divisional round game against the Pittsburgh Steelers.

Chiefs owner Clark Hunt says he would have “no hesitation” signing Colin Kaepernick, but doesn’t expect to | Arrowhead Pride

“But, generally, I’m not going to tell our head coach or our GM not to bring in a player if they think that player can bring us some success on the field and make us better. Now there are certain circumstances where guys get in trouble off the field and that is something as an organization and as a family we care about. We’re not going to bring those types of players in. In terms of a player like Colin, I would have no hesitation bringing him into the organization.”

Alex Smith, Spencer Ware to start for Chiefs but face competition from rookies | ESPN

Wide receiver (Albert Wilson): Wilson is no lock to make the roster. He could be released if he doesn’t play well at camp and the Chiefs’ many young receivers do. But if he does stick, he will be the main beneficiary from Jeremy Maclin’s release in terms of increased playing time.

Kansas City Chiefs ushering in new generation of offensive stars | ESPN

But this type of upheaval is unusual, particularly for the Chiefs. Last year, for instance, they brought back the four runners who gained at least 100 yards, as well as their top seven pass-catchers in 2015. They hadn't lost their No. 1 back and wide receiver in the same offseason in years. They hadn't drafted a quarterback in the first round since 1983.

Chiefs Derrick Johnson, Travis Kelce update recovery from surgery | The Kansas City Star

Unless you already knew, you would have never guessed No. 56 snapped his left Achilles just eight months ago.

“I don’t want to think about it too much,” Johnson said with a laugh, when asked how he’s return to action so quickly. “It’s some good luck, I want to keep it going.”

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